Biolon biologicals pvt Limited was incorporated as a pvt Limited Liability Company in May 2009 and has, over the years, been among the fore front manufacturing and distribution companies in India. The Company is focused on manufacturing and delivering innovative and high quality products which include a broad portfolio of prescription as well as ‘over-the-counter’ medical products in important therapeutic segments. We have the experience, technology and expertise, to manufacture and develop quality pharmaceutical dosage forms.

World-class expertise

  • Bio-equivalence studies :

    Biolonbiologicals is driven by it Vision to achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products with a strong presence in the pharma market. Biolon biologicals is eyeing upon better health achievement through effective and safe medicines based on technological innovation. Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business.

  • New Drug delivery System :

    The development of new delivery systems like nanoparticles and controlled drug delivery systems to ensure better compliance , less total drug, efficiency in treatment and economy.

  • Formulation Development :

    The aim here is to devise formulations and dosage forms for new drugs to be introduced and to make variants of particular dosage forms. Another objective is to introduce drug combinations by understanding the mechanism of the interaction and the combined effects in increasing intensity of response , in decreasing untoward actions and in altering absorption.

  • Quality beyond compare

    We strive to provide customers with quality products that exceeds their expectations. We achieve this through our Quality Assurance program developed to ensure continuous validation and improvement in all areas of the manufacturing process.

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